Belfast Design Week Pop Up Museum - Transport

I was commissioned by Belfast Design Week in November 2020 to contribute to their socially distanced exhibition on the theme of the environment. The specific theme I was given was “Transport” and how this relates to our experience in Northern Ireland.

I was also interviewed as part of the exhibition by the BDW team; you can read the interview over on the BDW website.

As someone who has primarily used public transport and other environmental forms of transport in NI their whole life, I wanted to encapsulate little moments across that whole experience, while also thinking about the wider environmental picture.

I use public transport all the time because I don’t drive, so this has been my natural environment for years. It’s been really scary to see this change so dramatically due to COVID.

I’m really interested in the idea of the Slow Travel movement where travellers look at enjoying the quality of the journey, not just getting to the destination as fast as possible.

Sometimes in NI, we’re almost forced into a longer journey if we choose alternative modes of transport. At its best it allows us to see more of the natural landscape we are preserving by choosing slower but more environmentally friendly methods of travel.